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Product Care

Garment & Yarn Care – Washing & Storage

Aymara and Cape Alpaca garments and yarn will give many years of comfort and pleasure if correctly cared for. 

Always wash in tepid water by hand. 

Use a gentle soap or detergent and rinse well.

Squeeze rather than wring out the excess water. Wrapping then squeezing in a clean towel also works well.

Ease into shape and dry flat, out of direct sunlight.

Moths are the ultimate enemy of any wool-based product so store in a plastic zip-lock bag or container to keep the nasty little creatures away. 

Lavender sprigs or oil and cedar balls are a good deterrent but will not prevent moth damage. Moth balls are effective but not environmentally friendly and they smell unpleasant.


Quenti Alpaca’s range of products is made using Quenti yarns exclusively. Only the finest micron fibre is suitable for ultra-fine machine knitting and weaving yarns to make soft, luxurious knitwear or woven blankets and scarves – classic designs, beautifully made that will give many years of warmth and comfort.