You always wanted an Alpaca

The Quenti Alpaca herd is genetically diverse. We imported the original animals from Chile during the period of 2009 to 2011. We have a low micron average across the herd, generally strong with excellent conformation. Births in spring and autumn provide a constant source of new stock.

Adult alpaca with dominant personality traits make excellent protectors of sheep and mohair goats against small predators. They are alert, fast and highly protective of “their” flock and farmers report up to 85% fewer lamb losses once the alpacas learn the environment.

We offer a wide selection of breeding stock, with both herd sire and female alpacas suited to a range of budgets.

Alpaca make wonderful pets and generally, we offer very young males in pairs, as they tame easily and become valuable members of the family.

Contact us to discuss your needs so we can find just the right alpacas for you.

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