Our Family

Meet Stephen & Linda

In 2010, Stephen and Linda Nessworthy established Quenti Alpacas, near Wellington.

Stephen and Linda acquired pet alpacas in 2004, as Linda had been fascinated by them since childhood, and the couple greatly enjoyed keeping the animals in their garden in Cape Town.

Quenti Alpacas started with 11 females and one male, all imported from Chile. The first stud (12 alpacas) was imported in 2009, followed by three more in 2011. They are named Augusto, Intellimani, Michimalongo and Golden Gun.

Linda is in charge of breeding and says she is inspired to breed the ultimate alpaca. “Health is the first priority,” she says, “so I strive for an animal with strength, resilience, and good body structure and proportions.”

“We’ve always looked to niche markets,” says Stephen, “and with Linda’s fascination with alpacas, this made sense.”

Meet our Herd